Beginning Today: Valentine’s Day and Lent

14 Feb Beginning Today: Valentine’s Day and Lent

Today is Valentine’s Day and also the first day of Lent. For Christians it is a period of spiritual preparation, one that is traditionally marked with fasting, abstinence, and prayer. Hence the phrase: giving up. Many believers also may use the time to volunteer at a charity or donate money to a good cause.

Perhaps you have already been asked today (whether or not of Christian faith), what you will be giving up for Lent. The idea intrigues me. Seems like an ideal time to begin, to set a starting date, for something I want to do, or not do, give up.

Daniel H. Pink writes the about the science of timing. According to Pink there are scientific secrets to perfect timing. (You might enjoy reading his book–‘When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing’.) He writes about beginnings–starting right, starting again, and starting together. I especially like the starting again and starting together. Here’s how I plan to use today as a new beginning.

In the past I have attempted to become more compliant and consistent using those foam rollers, balls, and all things therapeutic. For a fairly disciplined person I have yet to master this routine.  Does it make me feel better? Yes. Do I still have difficulty sticking with my best intentions? Yes.

Taking a love theme from Valentine’s Day (self-care for Linda) and using Lent to mark the beginning, starting today:

I, Linda, am giving up ‘not using those foam balls and rollers, every day’

That’s right. I’m going to give up my former non-compliant self and begin a new routine of physical self-care.

I do not intend any offence to my Christian friends who are at the start of their spiritual Lenten journey. Over the years many non-Christians have come to use this time as an extrinsic inspiration for starting, starting again, and starting together. Why? Because it works. The thought of starting together especially sparks my  inner motivation.

Starting today and for the next 40 days I will use those foam balls and rollers, every day. I am ‘giving up’ my old habit of non-compliance’.

May your heart be filled with love and joy, today and every day.

Cheerios and thanks for reading,




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