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‘Everyone deserves to LOOK their best’

‘Everyone deserves to FEEL their best’

I’m here for you because you deserve to look and feel your best.

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REACH and ACHIEVE Your Goals 

  • ‘Leaner Stronger Fitter’ plans that guarantee weight loss and improved wellness
  • ‘Take Control of Your Health and Wellness’ instantly
  • ‘Self-Empowerment’ for effective change

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Exercise & Training

“The best unfinished business you’ll ever work on is you”

Improve your performance

Stay injury-free

Increase your confidence

Make it doable and enjoyable

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“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”

Disentangle from restrictive diet regimes

Make sense of nutritional info

Discover uncomplicated ways to eat more nutritiously

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What People Are Saying

‘Everyone benefits from a mentor’

What others are saying:

“Linda consistently demonstrates the characteristics of a “life coach”. Whether she is working with young or old, she establishes a rapport which propels the relationship into the “mentor” mode.

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Once there, her enthusiasm, commitment, and caring lead the way to success!
Rick Wood
Principal (Retired)
Thames Valley District School Board.
London ON Canada

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I am proud to work with Linda as my master mentor to strive for a healthy lifestyle with my exercise & food, and attain a healthy maintainable body weight. I cannot say enough how fiercely passionate Linda is about each of her client’s health and wellness journeys.

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Linda is my biggest cheerleader and has a no-nonsense, common sense approach for successfully reaching your goals. She genuinely wants to help you to determine and identify your areas of opportunity. She has a wide variety of strategies for you to easily adopt. Her consistently checking in, tweaking and changing strategies, are the foundation for my success. This has enabled me to change my ‘old, bad’ habits and form new ones that I find attainable and that I can maintain on a daily basis. And, she is the Queen of ensuring that you celebrate your successes.

Linda is extremely insightful and engaging, making me become self-aware and providing me with the tools and resources to make good choices.

I highly recommend Linda Jones as the best master mentor for YOU to successfully reach whatever goal(s) you may have in mind. Want a strategy, game plan? She’ll do this for you. And, she will be your cheerleader providing you with inspiration and motivation to not only reach your goals but exceed them. Connecting with Linda gets results and is enjoyable, yes fun.

Tanya Turner, a satisfied and happy client of Linda Jones

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